The Batman Chess Set ( The Dark Knight vs The Joker )

3 Best Batman Chess Sets

There’s a ton of people who love to play chess. There’s just as many Batman fans. For all of you who are part of both crowds, read on to find the chess set of your dreams.

How to Set Up a Chess Board

Many of you have noticed that we have a chess board set up in our kitchen. While we don’t play regularly, it’s fun to play with our kids when they are here and it’s a fun learning activity for them.

What Do Chess Pieces Look Like

Chess is a game of combined skill and luck, in which two opponents move pieces across a chessboard and attempt to checkmate the king. Here’s what all the chess pieces look like.

What Size Chess Board Do I Need

Looking for the perfect chess board to play on? Here, our experts will reveal the top considerations for choosig the right size for you. You’ll be enjoying your chess game in no time!

What Chess Pieces Represent

There’s six different kinds of chess pieces. What do they represent and what is their role in the game? Read on to find out.